Residential Foundation Repair

Are you a homeowner with basement wall or foundation Issues?

Did you know that sinking foundations, cracked or buckled basement walls and settling concrete floors are problems faced by tens of thousands of property owners who need foundation repair.

How did it happen?

When buildings and home foundations are in soil that is subject to consolidation, shrinkage or swelling, often due to moisture extremes, they can sink, crack or buckle.

Is it a serious problem?

A shifting, settling or buckling foundation can seriously affect the integrity and resale value of your home or building. These problems can result in:

  • Basement leaks
  • Visible or hidden foundation cracks
  • Shifting of the block or brick masonry, resulting in “step-cracking”. Look below.

Is there an affordable solution?

Yes! The Helical Pier Foundation System is founded on the principle of twisting a sectional or “extendible” steel screw-anchor through the unstable upper soil and into solid, underlying bearing strata or bedrock. Your foundation becomes supported on deep-driven pilings (much like commercial or beach-front buildings) making for a lasting repair you can afford!

If the situation calls for more minor basement wall strengthening, LEVELIFT FOUNDATIONS can secure a buckling wall with FORTRESS® carbon-fiber reinforcement components. This application won’t realign a buckling wall, but will stop the advancement of the problem dead in its tracks!

How does the Helical Pier foundation system work?

Easy. The load-bearing ability of the underlying soil is continuously measured by monitoring the torque applied to the Helical Pier shaft as it screws through the layers of soil. Once the desired torque is reached, adjustable brackets link the end of each pier shaft to the building foundation or basement wall it is reinforcing, correcting a basement leak and foundation problems.


Wtihout a doubt. Our experienced engineers will work with you personally to provide a customized solution to protect your investment.

Does your basement wall problem look like any of these?


Cracks visible in interior, ceilings, and basement walls…settling concrete floors.


Shifting chimney or stair-step cracking near building corners; cracks near door or window corners


Step-cracking in exterior brick or blockwork; cracking along horizontal or “bed joints” of masonry walls

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