Foundation Repair and Construction

LEVELIFT FOUNDATIONS offers effective, cost saving solutions to your structural problems. If you have a property that is experiencing cracked, buckling or settling walls, you need to talk to the experts at LEVELIFT FOUNDATIONS. Our team has the expertise and experience to make your problems history. We strive to provide as much useful information as we can for those who are interested in designing projects with helical piers as deep foundation or anchoring solutions.

Our Services Include

  • New Construction (deep foundations)
  • Foundation Repair/Underpinning
  • Existing Foundation Stabilization
  • Basement Wall Reinforcement
  • Marine Construction Helilcal Anchoring
  • Machinery and Slab Helical Pile Foundations

Don’t let the value of your property drop due to a settling foundation. We want to be your partner in protecting and preserving your property for use by generations to come.