Commercial and Residential Helical Foundation Construction

Problem soil solutions – helical pile foundation systems for structures built in weak soils.

LEVELIFT FOUNDATIONS can be your rock solid partner when you’re in need of foundation repair, new construction and deep foundation solutions. If you have concerns about the soil you are building on, now is the time to consult the foundation experts at LEVELIFT FOUNDATIONS. We will custom design a helical pier and anchoring system to fit your needs and prevent future foundation settlement.

Levelift services include:

  • Support for new structures with the CHANCE Helical Pier system
  • Tiebacks and soil nails for retaining walls
  • Foundation Engineering services and support
  • Load Testing
  • Foundation design

Benefits of Helical Piers

Unlike most traditional underpinning systems, there is usually no soil to haul and store and no concrete to cure. In most cases you can start building immediately after installation.

The Advantages of Helical Pier Foundation and Tie-Back Systems:

  • LOWER COST for system and installation
  • FASTER INSTALLATION than other methods
  • TIME-PROVEN, technically sound system
  • VERY LIMITED EXCAVATION; minimal under-digging of building
  • LIGHT EQUIPMENT can be tailored to specific job needs
  • SHAFTS/COLUMNS for assorted load requirements
  • ENHANCED FOUNDATION STRENGTH for new homes or buildings

LEVELIFT FOUNDATIONS takes great pride in having the right team of professionals to get the job done. We maintain an experienced workforce and are continuously training with the latest technological advances in the industry. We welcome the opportunity to serve you.

Code Acceptance

CHANCE® Helical Pier Foundation System products and network of certified contractors are in a class of their own. From the standpoint of industrial, commercial, military and municipal use, as well as acceptance by major US building codes, CHANCE® foundation products are light years ahead of their competition!

Cost Effective

with confidence that we offer a
highly sophisticated and
cost-effective alternative to other remedial systems.
Our foundation products are
backed by more than 80 years
of structural engineering

Ahead of the Competition

Our system is highly effective because we do not use concrete, grout, or the structure’s weight to force pipes into the ground. Many of these procedures involve unnecessary cost, time, and risk. Where extensive excavation required by other methods can leave sites damaged, LEVELIFT FOUNDATIONS preserves the integrity of landscapes and walkways.

Contractor Certification

Helical Pier Foundation Systems may be installed only by firms who have been certified by A.B. CHANCE COMPANY. We have installed thousands of helical piers for satisfied customers throughout the region, and are proud to say that LEVELIFT is a premier authority when it comes to reinforcement and support of your foundation.