Fortress Stabilization Systems – Carbon Fiber Reinforcement for Basement Wall Repair

What Is Carbon Fiber Reinforcement?
Carbon-fiber wall reinforcement is the stabilizing of buckling or bowed basement walls using carbon fiber straps bonded to the surface of the basement wall for effective structural repair. LEVELIFT FOUNDATIONS proudly uses the FORTRESS® Carbon-fiber reinforcement system. Its unique mesh construction, consisting of carbon-fiber woven with Kevlar®, offers superior tensile bond strength.

Carbon fiber is a sound alternative to steel beams for wall reinforcement and basement repair in residential and commercial applications. It can be bonded to the surface of a basement wall to stop bowing and buckling, allowing limitless applications for new construction, repair, retrofit, seismic upgrades, and foundation construction. When a block or concrete foundation or basement wall is failing due to soil pressure, these advantages make FORTRESS® Carbon Fiber Reinforcement a most viable solution.


FORTRESS® Carbon Fiber also provides:

  • non-obtrusive laying flat to substrate.
  • able to conform to bowed basement walls.
  • exterior excavation is not necessarily required.
  • can be painted for a smooth, clean look.
  • has a relatively quick, labor-saving installation time.
  • requires no destructive attachments made to the floor or ceiling.
  • more cost-effective than many other methods of repair and strengthening.

How Fortress® Carbon Fiber Works…

FORTRESS® Stabilization offers an all-inclusive kit for basement wall reinforcement.  Each kit comes complete with vacuum lamination supplies, toughened epoxy, and carbon fiber/Kevlar® reinforcement mesh straps.  This unique mesh delivers properties unparalleled in the market today.

The FORTRESS® mesh is the only pre-cured product on the market today that is fully encapsulated by epoxy during installation. Others are simply glued onto the wall and can peel off.  Every hole in the mesh allows a tie between the outer and inner epoxy, forming an epoxy rivet.  These rivets act as rip stops, preventing the strap from detaching. This design allows for visual inspection, eliminating voids or air pockets in the resin.

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